The Energizer 100% green packaging revolution!

AVENIR TELECOM, which holds the Energizer license for phones and accessories, is renewing its packaging and making it 100% eco-friendly!

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Environmental sustainability is at the heart of everyone's concerns.

Today, consumer tends to turn to responsible products to help preserve our planet... AVENIR TELECOM too!

How did the Energizer "mobiles & accessories" brand achieve this major transformation to 100% Eco Friendly packaging?

  • AVENIR TELECOM considerably reduced the size of all its packaging,
  • AVENIR TELECOM removed the plastic window that was showing the products,
  • Now all  packaging are made from recycled paper,
  • The plastic ties of the products have been replaced by recycled paper ties,
  • The plastic support to wedge the products inside the packaging has been replaced by a recycled paper support,
  • The plastic support tray of the products has been replaced by a recycled paper case,
  • The varnish finish of the packaging has been banished. Today, the packaging is matte and raw, without any embellishment to go to the essence, ecological responsibility.
  • AVENIR TELECOM uses 100% vegetable inks to print its packaging,
  • The products are shipped by the sea, boat is less polluting than plane.

Any change towards an ecological attitude has a significant impact on the respect and preservation of our planet.

AVENIR TELECOM is committed to a greener future!

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