E2, E3, E24, and E28 new collection!

Spice up your life with the E2, E3, E24, and E28 new collection!


Need to capture your moments of life while making various calls? The classic E range includes a camera and a dual SIM card. The convex keys of the keyboards make them easy to compose and write SMS. Listen to your favorite shows on the FM radio.

Step into the Light with the torch. It works instantly and turns your devices into a well-lit flashlight. At night or in the dark, you will always be illuminated. These cell phones are very easy to use, composed of an explicit menu: Directory, Messages, Call log, Camera, My pictures, Alarm, Calendar, FM radio and Various ringtones, classic or polyphonic.

Wouldn't you rather be strong and flexible like the E range? These devices are characterized by their light weight of only 70 to 113 g.
These easy-to-use phones feature a color screen with very good contrast for easy viewing. 
The built-in rechargeable batteries range from 800mAh for the smaller model, up to 3000mAh for the E28, with talk time of up to 15 hours and standby time of up to 500 hours. Our updated lithium battery has a longer life, faster and safer recharging.

Don’t leave your simplicity at home, take it outside with the new "E" Range!
The range has a modern design with a carbon effect and three different shapes. Seven designer colors are available: Walnut Burl, Gold, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Black, Silver, and White.

Tailor-made, simple, and practical: this range of phones are built for every use, from people who only want to write and receive messages to a pro. Moreover, this 2G mobile is ultra-light, its small size allows it to slip into any pocket or bag. It accompanies you in leisure or your daily tasks throughout the day. 
And thanks to the dual SIM card functionality, you only need one mobile for everything. Want to make different calls? You can combine national & international or professional & personal plans on the same phone.