Protection packs

100% Full protection


Your new smartphone deserves the best.
Invest in a durable solution with this 2-in-1 protection kit. It protects the screen and structure from falls, impacts and scratches while maintaining the iconic design of the iPhone.

Practical solution

Robust materials


HD Transparency


Shockproof back cover

As elegant as it is resistant, the Energizer®   iPhone shell provides ultra-effective protection against falls of up to 1.2m. It is reinforced at the 4 corners and designed from flexible and robust TPU to perfectly absorb impacts.
Developed especially for the new iPhone 2020, it gives free access to all buttons and ports.
This thin, transparent shell discreetly protects your smartphone while enhancing its sleek design and colour.

Drops up to 



Reinforced corners


TPU Bayer


Screen protector

The Energizer®  screen protector made of premium tempered glass is a real shield for your iPhone screen. It is permanently protected from scratches, impacts and fingerprints. Highly transparent, it is almost invisible and retains the original visual quality of the screen.
Thanks to the finesse and quality of the glass, the touch function is fully preserved for smooth use.
Carefully thought out, the screen protector stops right where the shock-proof shell starts to offer the best protection to your new smartphone.

9H anti-scratch

100% responsive




A kit for each model

Designed to each model, the Energizer® 2-in-1 Protection Kit is available for
most Apple smartphones such as iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and Samsung smartphones.


5 in 1 packs
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