100W cable

High speed charging cable


Supports high-power

Metal connectors

Braided nylon

Tough materials

Extra long



With the Energizer® 100W cable, you can take full advantage of the high power of Power Delivery ultra-fast charging technology for your compatible devices.

Supporting up to 100W, this cable allows you to use powerful chargers to your laptop for example.

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Supports up to



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*3x faster than an Energizer®1A charger with less than 10% battery.


Fast data transfer

Sync your data with a transfer speed of up to 480Mbps, or 1GB in 30 seconds.

Transfer speed



USB-C connectors

USB Type C gently pushes the classic USB (Micro-USB) out the door, as evidenced by the many devices which are now equipped with this type of connection.


The USB-C connector is designed to handle high speeds for data transfers and plenty of power.

It has a small electronic circuit that acts as an identifier and indicates its characteristics (maximum speed and maximum power). 

It is a reversible orientation connector (plug the device in both orientations, up or down).


Outstanding strength and durability

Energizer® 100W cable is made of carefully selected, rugged materials.
Tested 10,000 times, it stands up to rigorous use and heavy use for a very long time.

Made of high quality braided nylon and protected by a multi-layer armor, it is durable yet flexible. 
It easily withstands stretching and will not fray.  

Its metal connector, finished with a thick and solid protective tip, will withstand a lot of handling.


Extra long

Sit comfortably on the sofa or in your office chair while your phone is plugged in. This 2 meter cable is longer than standard cables to make it easier to use the smartphone while charging.


2 m / 6.5 ft


For these products:
2-year warranty in European Union / 1-year warranty in the rest of the world

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