Qi chargers

Free yourself from the cables


The Energizer® wireless charger gives you the freedom to charge your compatible devices without cable by simply placing them on the pad. Built with advanced technology, it is designed to charge through most cases at high speed. Its small size and its sleek round design make it your favourite charging accessory.

Convenient solution

Advanced technology

Fast charge

LED signal

Elegant &
compact design


Wireless charger 5W

Highly convenient, the wireless charger lets you fuel up an inductive charging device by simply setting it down on the pad. Specifically designed to charge through case material up to 5mm at up to 5W, it saves you time and makes charging easy. 
Its smart technology automatically detects the compatible smartphone and starts charging it in complete safety.
Its round compact design gives it a sleek look and its white colour makes its discreet to naturally blend into any room. 


Up to 5mm

Output power up to





For these products:
2-year warranty in European Union / 1-year warranty in the rest of the world

Lifetime Warranty